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AUS/VA Series Vertical Pumps

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Designed for:
*highly abrasive liquids
*high density abrasive liquids
*acid liquids with abrasive suspensions
Type of seal: none
No maintenance
Pump-motor coupling:
*flexible coaxial joint
Stationary or mobile

The AUS-VA Series pumps derive from AUS/V series and have the same features of strength and hydraulic characteristics. They have the same casings-impeller assembly design, that is designed to operate even whith no fluid, without any damage to the special linings.
The suction tank is incorporated, so that no masonry or auxiliary structure is needed. They are available for stationary installation or on wheels.
AUS-VA pumps are designed for handling unusual dense liquids and variable flows that are difficult to handle with ordinary horizontal or vertical pumps.
Their special configuration makes them ideal for replacing horizontal pumps with low NPSH that does not give satisfactory results.
Three standard sizes of tank are available for each pump model, but special versions can be built accordingly to customer's design or need, if necessary. Also, special materials, that are compatible with the properties of the fluid to be pumped, can be used to manifacture the internal part of the unit.

Product Category
Liquid Handling Pumps
Pump Type
Cantelever Pump; Centrifugal Pump; Sump Pump; Wastewater Treatment Pump

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