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PSD/8 -- 9800-02

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If you have a demanding system or process that requires powerful liquid handling, then this is the pump for you. The PSD/8 is the strongest and fastest pump available from Hamilton Company. The PSD/8 has nearly 10 years of reliable, precise experience in the most strenuous situations.

The PSD/8 performs all standard liquid handling functions, including dispensing, serial dispensing and diluting. It is the only full-height pump where the valve bolts directly to the face. This rigid attachment ensures long-term alignment of the valve and syringe and increases accuracy. The pump is easy to service and replace, which minimizes field maintenance and system downtime. The PSD/8 has the most lift force (45 lbf.) and fastest flow rate.


Product Category
Liquid Handling Pumps
Pump Type
Syringe Pump
Power Source
24 VDC
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