Liquid Handling Pumps from General Pump

High Pressure Water Plunger Pump -- VS1815

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High Pressure Water Plunger Pump -- VS1815-Image

General Pump, along with our parent company, Interpump Group S.r.l., has been the world leader in plunger pump development since 1982. We are known as the leader in plunger pumps for the pressure cleaning industry, and offer a full line of pumps for other industries across the board, including Vehicle Wash, Sewer Jetting, Oil and Gas, Mining, Misting and many more.

Product Category
Liquid Handling Pumps
Pump Type
Piston Plunger Pump; Positive Displacement Pump; Reciprocating Pump; Triplex Pump
Discharge Pressure
17400.0 psi (12233 m of Water)
Liquid Flow
9.000 GPM (34.09 L/min)

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Power Source
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