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Zalman ZM-F3 120mm Quiet Fan -- 13939

Zalman ZM-F3 120mm Quiet Fan -- 13939 -- View Larger Image
Zalman ZM-F3 120mm Quiet Fan -- 13939-Image

If you like the sound of a silent 120mm case fan then you are in luck! The ZM-F3 from Zalman is all that and a bucket of oatmeal! It generates virtually no noise in silent mode, and utilizes vibration absorbing silicon mounting pins to soak up any fan vibrations. So whether or not you like delicious steaming oatmeal right out of the microwave is besides the point, the point being buy a ZM-F3 120mm Silent Case Fan from Zalman...your ears will thank you.

Dimensions:120 x 120 x 25mmInput Voltage:12V DC
Speed:900 ~ 1800 RPM +/-10%Noise:20 ~ 34 dBA
Current:0.35aBearing Type:Sleeve


  • Application: 120mm Case Fan
  • Speed: 900-1800rpm +/-10%
  • Noise Level: 20-34dBA
  • Bearing Type: Sleeve
  • Weight: 164g
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm (L x W x H)