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PIMag™ Voice Coil Linear Actuator -- V-273

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PIMag™ Voice Coil Linear Actuator -- V-273-Image
  • Travel ranges to 20 mm
  • Velocity to 250 mm/s
  • Integrated linear encoder, 0.01 µm resolution
  • Optional force sensor with 1 mN resolution
  • Optional: Weight force compensation
  • Maximum force 10 N
  • Resolution 0.01 µm (open-loop)
  • Long Lifetime; >10 million cycles
  • C-413: Motion controller for simultaneous position and force control

OEM Linear Actuator

PIMag® Voice coil linear drive, high velocity and high dynamics. Low wear and high lifetime. Integrated linear encoder for reliable position control and repeatable accuracy. Position sensor resolution: 0.01 µm. Optional force sensor for applying defined forces. Force sensor resolution: 1 mN. Easy integration by coupling the guided load to the moving runner

Fields of application

OEM drives in automation. For fast handling tasks and precision positioning in the micrometer range, micromanipulation

Product Category
Voice Coil Actuators and Motors
Device Type
General Specifications
Peak Current
0.8000 amps
Electrical Time Constant
375 µs
DC Resistance
16 ohms

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Coil Inductance
Linear Actuators Specifications
Force Constant
Peak Force (FP)
Linear Stroke

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