Bison Gear and Engineering Datasheets for DC Motor Drives

DC motor drives act as the interface and power supply between a motion controller and a DC motor.
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Product Name Notes
DC Motor Drive - Low Voltage PWM DC -- 170-205-0016 Bison’s DC in/DC out PWM chassis drives include inhibit for remote starting and stopping, a power LED, and trimmer pot adjustments for minimum speed, maximum speed, acceleration, IR comp, and current limit. All trimmer...
DC Motor Drive - PWM DC Chassis -- 170-203-0002
DC Motor Drive - PWM DC Chassis -- 170-203-0005
Bison’s filtered pulse-width-modulated (PWM) variable speed DC drives output nearly pure DC power to brush type motors and feature the same footmount as the SCR controls. User adjustable calibration pots:...
DC Motor Drive - SCR DC REGEN Chassis -- 170-303-0003
DC Motor Drive - SCR DC REGEN Chassis -- 170-303-0010
DC Motor Drive - SCR DC REGEN Chassis -- 170-343-0003
DC Motor Drive - SCR DC REGEN Chassis -- 170-343-0010
Bison’s Regen Drives consist of full-wave, four-quadrant regenerative SCR controls to provide smooth motoring and braking torque for brush-type DC motors. Control motors from 1/20 through 1 HP for single...
DC Motor Drive - PWM DC NEMA 4X -- 170-243-0003
DC Motor Drive - SCR -- 170-103-0002
DC Motor Drive - SCR -- 170-103-0010
DC Motor Drive - SCR -- 170-143-0002
DC Motor Drive - SCR -- 170-143-0010
Bison’s SCR speed controls are dual voltage drives that can control speed or torque. When torque mode is selected, the functions of the speed and torque pots change. The external...
DC Motor Drive - Isolated PWM AC NEMA 4X -- 170-101-0212
DC Motor Drive - Isolated PWM AC NEMA 4X -- 170-503-0002
Bison’s variable frequency Drives feature a lightweight, plastic NEMA 4X enclosure, an isolated front end, minimum speed adjustment potentiometer (pot), output voltage doubling, DC injection braking, and automatic or manual...
DC Motor Drive - TightDrive -- 170-113-0003 Designed to be easily field mounted on Bison PMDC motors, the speed control is mounted within an aluminum extrusion for superior heat dissipation. A simple knob provides a convenient on-off...