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Standard and Performance processors from the Modicon M340 automation platform manage an entire PLC single-rack station on which a maximum of 11 slots can be equipped with:
Discrete I/O modules. Analog I/O modules. Application-specific modules (counter) . Max 1,024 discrete I/O (704 in single-rack (64 I/O x 11)). Max 256 Analogue I/O. 66 in single-rack configuration (4I/2Q x 11). 36 counter channels. 4,096Kb Total internal user RAM (3584Kb Program, constants and symbols + 256Kb Data)
For Use With = Modicon M340
Module Type = Processor
Input Type = Analogue, Discrete
Output Type = Analogue, Discrete
Number of Inputs = 1024 (Discrete I/O), 256 (Analogue I/O)
Number of Outputs = 1024 (Discrete I/O), 256 (Analogue I/O)
Memory Available = Yes
Memory = 4096 KB
Width = 100mm
Depth = 160mm


Product Category
Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition
Input/Output Module
Analog Channels
Digital I/O Channels
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