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NX-ECC series EtherCAT coupler unit from Omron. This EtherCAT coupler unit combines flexibility in remote I/O configuration with the speed and determinism of EtherCAT. This NX series EtherCAT coupler unit is the link between the EtherCAT machine control and the NX series I/O units. The NX series is the perfect match for the sysmac machine automation controllers. The NX-ECC coupler unit is reliable and excellent quality.
Up to 63 NX-IO Units can be connected to one EtherCAT Coupler Unit. Standard and high-performance units can be mixed.,High-speed remote I/O control is possible at the fastest communication cycle of 125 us.,Each Coupler plus its I/O form just a single EtherCAT node on the network.,I/O control and safety control can be integrated by connecting Units for safety.,The Coupler supports the EtherCAT Distributed Clock (DC) and propagates this to synchronous I/O units.,The node address can be fixed by rotary switches, or set by software. Choose the method that best suits your way of engineering.,Slave configuration by Sysmac Studio can be done centrally via the controller, or on-the-spot using the Couplers built-in USB port.
For Use With = NX Series CPU Unit
Module Type = EtherCAT Coupler Unit
Number of Inputs = 63
Number of Outputs = 63
Voltage Category = 24 V dc
Length = 46mm
Width = 72mm
Depth = 100mm
Mounting Type = Panel Mount
Special Features = Coupler Supports the EtherCAT Distributed Clock, High-Speed Remote I/O Control


OMRON Automation and Safety
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Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition
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