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Gases Detected:. CFCs - R11, R12, R13 etc, HCFCs - R22, R502, R500 etc, HFCs - R134A, R123, R125, R23 etc (partial list)
Detects all existing refrigerants which include HFCs, HCFCs, CFCs. High sensitivity mode to locate small leaks. Audio and visual (LED) leak indicator. Protective rubber sleeve houses gooseneck when not in use. 400mm gooseneck reaches awkward areas
Gases Detected = Refrigerants
Response Time = 1 s
Application = Refrigeration
Display Type = LED
Audible Alarm = Yes
Visual Alarm = Yes
Power Source = Battery
Battery Type = 9V
Battery Life = 8 h
Dimensions = 180 x 70 x 35mm

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Gas Instruments
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