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A range of electrochemical sensors from Figaro for the detection of various gases. The FECS series of compact PCB mounting gas sensors feature a unique leak-proof construction and high selectivity of the specified gas type. The sensors have a quick response time and provide a linear output with a stable baseline level.
FECS40-1000 - Carbon monoxide. FECS41-250 - Nitric Oxide. FECS42-20 - Nitrogen Dioxide. FECS43-20 - Sulphur Dioxide. FECS44-100 â€" Ammonia (low concentration). FECS44-1000 â€" Ammonia (high concentration). FECS45-10 - Chlorine. FECS50-100 - Hydrogen Sulphide
Gases Detected = Chlorine
Response Time = 60 s
Application = Cl2 Detectors, Portable & Fixed Installation Cl2 Monitors
Dimensions = 20.4 (Dia.) x 16.5mm
Weight = 4.5g
Height = 16.5mm
Width = 20.4 (Dia.)mm
Model Number p = FECS45-10
Minimum Operating Temperature = -20°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +50°C


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