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Compact PCB mounting gas sensors from Figaro for use in the detection of gaseous air contaminants. Three types are available: TGS2600 has high sensitivity to gases such as hydrogen, ethanol and carbon monoxide, TGS2602 has high sensitivity to VOCs and odorous gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, TGS2603 has high sensitivity to food odours, and to amine-series and sulphurous odour gases. All of the sensors feature low power consumption, long operating life and utilize simple electrical circuitry.
Gases Detected = Air Contaminants
Application = Air Cleaners, Air Quality Monitors, Deodoriser Control, Ventilation Control
Dimensions = 9.2 (Dia.) x 7.8mm
Weight = 1.1g
Height = 7.8mm
Model Number p = TGS2603-B00
Width = 9.2 (Dia.)mm

Product Category
Gas Instruments
Physical Specifications
Instrument Type
Gas Types
(Air Contaminants)

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