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Compact PCB mounting gas sensors from Figaro for use in the detection of methane and LP (liquefied petroleum) gas products. Type TGS2610 has high sensitivity to LP gas and its components such as propane and butane, type TGS2611 has high sensitivity to methane, TGS2612 has high sensitivity to methane, propane and butane with similar sensitivity (at same %LEL levels) for both methane and LP gases. Parts with suffix â€"C00 have a smaller package size with a faster response time, parts with â€"D00 & -E00 suffix have a larger package incorporating filter materials to reduce the effects of interference gases.
• Compact 4-lead TO-5 package. • Low power consumption. • Long life and low cost. • Uses simple electrical circuit
Gases Detected = Butane, Methane, Propane
Application = Detectors for LNG & LPG, Portable Combustible Gas Leak Detectors, Residential LNG & LPG Alarms
Dimensions = 9.2 (Dia.) x 12.4mm
Weight = 1.4g
Height = 12.4mm
Model Number p = TGS2612-D00
Width = 9.2 (Dia.)mm

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