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Catalytic type PCB mounting gas sensors from Figaro with high sensitivity to both Methane and LP gases such as Butane and Propane. The TGS6812 type is also sensitive to Hydrogen making it an ideal choice for applications where leakage from stationary fuel cell systems is being monitored. Both sensors feature reduced cross sensitivity to alcohol, with a linear output and long operating life.
• TGS6810 is sensitive to Methane and LP gases. • TGS6812 is sensitive to Hydrogen, Methane and LP gases
Gases Detected = Hydrogen, Methane
Application = Hydrogen & Combustible Gas Leak Detectors for Fuel Cells
Dimensions = 12 (Dia.) x 13mm
Weight = 1.5g
Height = 13mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +70°C
Width = 12 (Dia.)mm
Minimum Operating Temperature = -10°C
Model Number p = TGS6812-D00

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Gas Instruments
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