Fume and Smoke Collectors from Universal Air & Gas Products Corp.

Item # i3-16H1, I3-Industrial Standard Precipitators - 4 Ton Unit

Item # i3-16H1, I3-Industrial Standard Precipitators - 4 Ton Unit -- View Larger Image
Item # i3-16H1, I3-Industrial Standard Precipitators - 4 Ton Unit-Image

Industrial Standard Precipitators - Model Series: i3 (In-Duct, Spray Wash) - 3 Ton through 8 Ton Units
I-series: Like the Commercial (C-series), the industrial, in-duct designs use housing or cabinet structures to support the cells installed within them. The galvanized cabinet structure can be factory finished on it exterior in enamel at the customers option. Seal welding of the cabinet is also available at option and required for UL710 ductwork installations. Again, In-duct design means that the precipitator is supplied without an air handler and will be cut into a section of horizontal flow ductwork. Commercial cell designs are typically applied to applications where frequent and aggressive cleaning of the cells will not be required. The I-series has the same efficiency as the commercial or C-series, however it is sturdier. Due to its higher cost, some customers opt for the C-series over the I-series. In overview, the I-series cell uses twelve tie rod supports for the collector plates; its ionizing section is supported without ceramic insulators; and its end plates are made of heavy gage aluminum. Otherwise, the I-series cell has collector plates, spacers and an ionizing section that are identical with the materials and dimensions of the residential and industrial cell designs.


Product Category
Fume and Smoke Collectors
Collector Type
Stationary Unit
Separation / Filtration System