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Item # D4-16H, Residential Deluxe Precipitators - 4 Ton Unit

Item # D4-16H, Residential Deluxe Precipitators - 4 Ton Unit -- View Larger Image
Item # D4-16H, Residential Deluxe Precipitators - 4 Ton Unit-Image

Residential Deluxe Precipitators - Model Series: D4 (In-Duct, Integral Spray Wash) - 4 Ton through 5 Ton Units
D-series: Residential applications require an option for top-in, side-out airflow; or simple horizontal airflow. The D-series cabinet design accommodates this variable with two separate cabinet designs. Cabinets are made of cold rolled steel factory primed and finished in enamel. Optional stainless steel housings are available. The D-series uses our full size, full efficiency cell dimensions. The same dimensions are used for the commercial and industrial cell designs; however, the materials of construction and the number of structural support members used within the cell are different. In overview, the D-series cell uses eight tie rod supports for its collector plates; its ionizing section is supported with ceramic insulators; and its end plates are made of galvanized steel. Otherwise, the D-series cell has collector plates, spacers and an ionizing section that are identical with the materials and dimensions of the commercial and industrial cell designs described below.

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Fume and Smoke Collectors
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Stationary Unit

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