Fume and Smoke Collectors from Micro Air

Self Contained Downdraft Table -- EXTREME AIR Model XA46M

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Self Contained Downdraft Table -- EXTREME AIR Model XA46M-Image

Micro Air's® EXTREME AIR-MAX Downdraft Tables or the line of ducted dry or wet tables, provide a modular, portable and adjustable downdraft work surface ideal for welding, grinding, soldering, sanding and other finishing processes. They offer the flexibility to configure a worktable to exactly meet application needs, space, and worker preference.

Downdraft Tables draw contaminants away from worker vision and breathing zones, increasing work quality and decreasing air quality hazards to workers in surrounding areas. Tables can be configured with a variety of options to fit individual needs. So whether you're looking for a self-contained table, or one to be ducted to other equipment, Micro Air® provides the unit to address your particular needs.

Product Category
Fume and Smoke Collectors
Collector Unit
Collector Type
Downdraft Tables; Stationary Unit
Filtration / Separation Technology
Dry Type
Separation / Filtration System
Cartridge-type units
Filter Cleaning

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