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Clean Air Booths (CAB)

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The Micro Air® Clean Air Booth (CAB) is a unique blend of simple modular construction and leading edge air cleaning technology. It's a self-contained, ductless system that provides maximum manufacturing flexibility while protecting workers from the airborne hazards associated with applications such as cutting, welding, grinding, sanding, finishing, and multiple other industrial operations that produce airborne contaminants.
Worker efficiencies also improve with unrestricted range of movement, improved vision and breathing zones.
Micro Air's® modular design allows you to customize your booth to your specifications. Walls and ceiling construction are made from 2' x 4' galvanized panels providing maximum design flexibility for width, depth and height requirements. You can construct custom booths to meet your application requirements or order pre-packaged kits, complete with support structure.


Product Category
Fume and Smoke Collectors
Collector Type
Collection Booths
Dry Type
Separation / Filtration System
Cartridge-type units
Filter Cleaning