Fume and Smoke Collectors from Micro Air

Portable Air Cleaner -- MA4210

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Micro Air® manufactures a complete line of portable collectors. from the TM1000 cartridge collector, for lighter duty or smaller volume applications to the MC1500 cartridge collector for heavy duty production. The TM500, our newest addition to the line of portable collectors, equipped with a baffle prefilter and your choice of a 95% DOP HEPA or 99.97% DOP HEPA, fits the bill where space constraints are an issue or where a wall-hung unit could be used.
Media units utilize a series of filters to collect the particulate. These include pre-filters, media bag filters, HEPA after-filters and charcoal modules. Any of the media units can be configured with any combination of media to most effectively capture the specific particulate or fume.
Cartridge units utilize self-cleaning, high efficiency cartridge filters, that reduce filter replacement costs, as the filter elements are continually cleaned by compressed air. All Micro Air® cartridge collectors utilize Micro Air's® exclusive Roto-Pulse cleaning system. Because this cleaning system cleans the entire surface of the cartridge, it has proven to be far more effective, than the traditional reverse-jet system, thus extending filter life. Cartridge collectors can also be equipped with HEPA filters or Charcoal Modules.
Micro Air® Portable Air Cleaners are your clean air solution to multiple industrial applications! Micro Air® equipment, engineered with versatility and user-friendly features, are sold by a national network of trained air cleaning professionals. In addition, we provide factory support including design consultation, CAD drawings and technical assistance at no charge to the end user.


Product Category
Fume and Smoke Collectors
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Source Collector / Portable
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Separation / Filtration System
Cartridge-type units