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The App Experience Optimization service offering enables you to understand your end users app experience by correlating Network KPIs and Service KPIs, identifying subpar performance in the network and optimize where it matters for your end users’ App Experience.

App Experience Optimization is a new service offering which brings the users’ app experience into focus in the process of improving network performance. In addition to the conventional network-related KPIs, App Experience Optimization establishes service KPIs which are tailored to the specific apps and services used in the local market. These metrics are generally linked to four key criteria: availability, accessibility, integrity, and retainability. Armed with information correlating network KPIs with local service KPI objectives, performance opportunities in the network are identified. Ericsson’s network design and optimization experts can then optimize to meet specific local objectives and specify future investments which will matter most to the end-users.

Device & App Verification
Secure the best end user experience by securing quality of devices and applications before and after activation. Ericsson’s Device and Application Verification service enables operators, device vendors and developers to go to market with new devices and applications that have been verified to comply with different requirements – network, regulatory and international. Read more

Ericsson Engineering Dashboard
Ericsson Engineering Dashboard (EED) is a cloud-based solution offered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) format to help you win the app experience challenge. The know-how and best practices for network optimization form the basis of EED which is a multi-vendor end-to-end solution. Read more

End-user Performance Optimization
End-user Performance Optimization puts app experience in the focal point of the network optimization process. In this process Service KPIs are correlated to network KPIs upon which a set of improvement actions are executed to meet local objectives.

Network Planning & Investment
Network Planning offering brings the broader picture of network evolution and end user application experience together. Service KPIs are monitored and fed to the process of capacity and evolution planning, which includes traffic forecasting, dimensioning and expansion planning.