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Induction Bearing Heaters -- EDDYTHERM 4X

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EDDYTHERM microprocessor controlled Induction Heater for bearings and other objects allows precise setting of time or temperature to prevent premature bearing failures due to overheating. Temperature probe continuously measures and screen displays actual temperature. "Stand by" feature permits holding temperature at pre-set level for an indefinite time. Automatically demagnetizes workpieces after heating. Light and buzzer signal termination of heating/demagnetizing cycle. Three industrial Bearing Heaters models available. Shrink-fitting bearings, sleeves, sprockets, couplings, impellers, crane wheels and gears, etc., of up to 660 lbs. is made easy, clean and quick.

Induction Bearing Heater package, suitable for bearings up to 660 lbs. in weight, including magnetic temperature probe and one crossbar (75 x 75 x 460mm). Electric current: 480V, single phase

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