Rotary Encoders from Celera Motion

Miniature Rotary (Angle) Encoders -- Mercury™ MII5000

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Miniature Rotary (Angle) Encoders -- Mercury&#153 MII5000-Image

Mercury II’s advanced sensor design achieves resolutions up to 1.2nm and high accuracy performance in a compact sensor body.


  • Mercury II’s encoder technology achieves the highest resolution and accuracy in its class, with low cyclical error, low jitter, smaller sensors, and lower power consumption.
  • Mercury II’s low cyclical error surpasses every other 20μm encoder. The benefits are smoother velocity control for linear motors, stages and wire bonders; More precise, and faster linear positioning.
  • Smallest tape scale system available: only 6mm wide, including index and limits - less than 1/2 the width of other encoder systems.
  • Broadest Alignment Tolerances: With the broadest alignment tolerances in the industry, a full +/-2 degrees, Mercury II is the easiest and the fastest sensor to align and setup. You can align the Mercury II sensor in under 30 seconds.
  • Built-in or Stick-on Optical Index and Limits: Order tape or linear glass scales with built-in markers for fastest installation, or install stick-on index and limit markers anywhere on cut-to-length tape scales.


Product Category
Rotary Encoders
Encoder Technology
Encoder Type
Counts / Revolution
20000 to 268000 (counts/revolution)
Shaft Speed
6000 rpm
2.00 arcsec
Diameter / Width
Encoder Output
Output Signal
Operating Temperature
Maximum Vibration
Maximum Shock