Rotary Encoders from Celera Motion

Miniature Rotary (Angle) Encoders -- OPS™

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Miniature Rotary (Angle) Encoders -- OPS&#153-Image

OPS Series encoders deliver high performance and feature built-in interpolation and AGC, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. OPS can be configured with optical limits to reduce cabling and works with cut-to-length linear tape and linear and rotary glass scales, minimizing total cost of ownership.

Product Benefits:

Easy Installation

  • Wide alignment tolerance
  • 100% optical index and limits reduces cabling and footprint
  • Flexible mounting configurations
  • Same sensor for tape and glass scales
  • Intuitive tools

High Performance

  • Built-in interpolation and AGC
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Low cyclical error and low jitter
  • Low power consumption


Product Category
Rotary Encoders
Encoder Technology
Encoder Type
Counts / Revolution
163000 to 3300000 (counts/revolution)
Shaft Speed
1600 rpm
3.90 arcsec
Diameter / Width
Encoder Output
Output Signal
Operating Temperature
Maximum Vibration
Maximum Shock
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