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High Vacuum Rated Miniature Rotary Encoders -- Mercury™ M1500V

High Vacuum Rated Miniature Rotary Encoders -- Mercury&#153 M1500V -- View Larger Image
High Vacuum Rated Miniature Rotary Encoders -- Mercury&#153 M1500V-Image

Mercury™ vacuum encoders are specified in a wide range of applications for their combination of performance, small size, and high vacuum rating. Choose from models with digital or analog output, all constructed using vacuum-compatible materials rated up to 10-8 torr.


  • The M1500V sensor is vented and constructed with vacuum compatible materials and designed for a 48 hour bake out at 150°C.
  • Miniature sensor fits into tight spaces
  • Wide alignment tolerance make for easy installation and setup
  • Built-in interpolation produces digital outputs with up to 0.5μm resolution
  • Low power consumption aids in thermal stability of the system


Product Category
Rotary Encoders
Encoder Technology
Encoder Type
Counts / Revolution
6600 to 4200000 (counts/revolution)
Shaft Speed
13000 rpm
2.00 arcsec
Diameter / Width
Encoder Output
Output Signal
Operating Temperature
Maximum Shock
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