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Hydraulic Valves and Circuit Design

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Save up to $785 by enrolling in PD802 – a combo course consisting of this course (PD796), and PD764, “Positive Displacement Hydraulic Pumps and Actuators.”

This course presents a fundamental understanding of hydraulic valves including pressure, directional, and flow control valves. Students are provided with the classical, as well as the modern designs of these valves. The course also covers hydraulic circuit designs using these valves to perform certain control functions, such as motion control, speed control, pressure limiting, pump unloading, and hydrostatic transmission.

Course attendees receive the textbook, Introduction to Hydraulics for Industry Professionals, its accompanying workbook, and a free, one-year license to use the Hydraulic Component Sizing Calculator software and the Animated Circuits Files.

You Will Learn To

  • Identify the functions of various hydraulic valves by symbols.
  • Read/ interpret hydraulic schematics based on ISO standards.
  • Design basic hydraulic control functions and draw the relevant hydraulic circuit diagram.

Who Should Attend
This program is designed for individuals who wish to increase their knowledge of fluid power, including application engineers, inside and outside sales personnel, field and troubleshooting crews.

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