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Design of Bolted Flange Joints

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Bolted flange joints are essential components for the design and operation of pressure vessels and piping. This one-day course provides a fundamental understanding of how to design bolted flange joints and predict their resulting behaviors. Practical examples and case studies are shared with a discussion of variables that can affect flange joints along with some remediation options.
Specifically, the course reviews the different flange types and facings used in pressure vessel and piping industries, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Participants will be introduced to the various ASME codes and standards applicable to flange design for pressure vessels and piping.
Participants will receive the textbook, Gaskets and Gasketed Joints, by John H. Bickford.
You Will Learn To

  • Develop an awareness of flange types and the ASME codes and standards applicable for bolted flange joint design
  • Enhance your knowledge for designing and analyzing bolted flange joints
  • Explain how the flange design interacts with bolts and gaskets to achieve a leak tight joint
  • Identify the parameters that can affect flange sealing along with methods to troubleshoot and remediate flange leakage

Course Requirement
Scientific calculators are required for course exercises
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Who Should Attend
Engineers involved in the design, design review and/or maintenance of pressure vessels and piping integrity utilizing flanged joints in the petroleum, refining, chemical, power, and process industries.
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