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Core Engineering Management

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The foundation to any engineering manager's toolkit is an understanding of core management theory. This course takes the theory and applies it to real world situations through case studies and project examples. At each step the legal, personnel and economic environments are considered, and the result is a clear understanding of how the elements of management are intertwined.

You Will Learn To
- Determine the correlation between a business plan and new product development
- Determine future need for product using a trend analysis and to calculate life cycle costs
- Identify supply/demand issues
- Identify training needs
- Select appropriate codes
- Develop a Work Schedule Breakdown (WBS)
- Identify the steps to take if a contract is breached
- Describe basic information on patents, copyright and trademarks
- Develop balanced scorecard objectives, measures, targets, and initiatives
- Complete a risk analysis and problem-solving techniques
- Move team members through a change
- Explain leadership vs. management behaviors and competencies
- Describe diversity awareness
- Identify conflict resolution styles
- Describe codes of ethics
- Locate pertinent information in reference to certification, accreditation and licensing

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Who Should Attend
Engineering managers of work teams and project managers for engineering projects

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