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Grade 91 and Other Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic Steels

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Grade 91 and Other Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic Steels-Image

The push toward higher efficiencies in power and process plants has resulted in a significant increase in the application of CSEF (Creep Strength Enhanced Ferretic) steels in high temperature services. These steels differ from “traditional” code material in as much as they gain their exceptional high temperature creep rupture properties based on a specific condition of microstructure, rather than the primary chemical composition of the materials. This means that the manufacturing and fabrication processes must be controlled carefully to ensure that the appropriate microstructure is achieved, failing which the material will suffer a significant reduction in creep strength properties.

This course brings attendees up to speed on the specific requirements for the CSEF steels; specifically, how adequate properties can be achieved and controlled.

You Will Learn To
- Explain the history and background of CSEF Steels
- Describe the metallurgy of Grade 91 and other CSEF Steels
- Explain design benefits
- Describe failure histories
- Explain manufacturing and fabrication processes
- Identify Welding and PWHT (postweld heat treatment)
- Describe Inspection and Assessment Approaches

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Who Should Attend
Design, materials, and mechanical engineers, QC and inspection personnel, construction supervision, maintenance engineers, welding engineers, regulatory personnel.

Participants should have at least one year of experience in the design, materials, fabrication, maintenance, or Quality Control aspects of high temperature boiler and pipe applications.

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