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Effective Management of Research and Development Teams and Organizations

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Managing the productivity and excellence of an R&D organization offers a unique set of problems and unusual challenges. This uniqueness arises from two basic facts: (1) the character of the enterprise, and (2) the highly-specialized, articulate, and autonomous people involved in R&D.

This course will explain how managing an R&D organization is largely the art of integrating the efforts of diverse, creative, intelligent, and independent individuals. It will offer a concise, yet effective, overview of the management issues and their solutions. The ideas presented in this course consist of the work of a multitude of experts and focuses on ways to improve the productivity of R&D. It is designed to bring the attendees to a stage where they can apply this information and to foster excellence and innovation in their R&D organization.

You Will Learn To
- Describe the innovation process in an effective R&D organization
- Identify the ingredients of successful technology transfer in an R&D atmosphere
- Contribute effectively to the management and leadership throughout the organization
- Explain how to make a smooth transition from a technical staff position to a management and leadership position
- Explain how to achieve optimal results from the R&D organization

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Who Should Attend
Managers, supervisors, and team/group leaders, engineers, project managers, and other technical personnel; it is also beneficial for faculty members, department heads, research administrators, managers responsible for sponsoring research, and policy makers in science and technology.

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