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Advanced Finite Element Analysis

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Based on practical application of Abaqus software, this course builds on the introductory level course to provide a fuller appreciation of how Abaqus works as well as FEA in general. Presented in five modules, the course emphasizes the various aspects of structural analysis. The topics covered can also be abstracted to provide a useful guide for use of FEA for non-structural applications.

This is an online, instructor-supported course, allowing you to work at your own pace and convenience. Each of the modules has a short quiz to be performed after it is completed. In addition, there is a final exam to be completed after all modules are reviewed.

You Will Learn To
- Identify command-line input for Abaqus
- Describe structural dynamics, including modal and harmonic response analyses
- Identify Structural Dynamics II, featuring transient dynamic analysis
- Explain nonlinear structural analyses
- Demonstrate design optimization in Abaqus

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Who Should Attend
Anyone wishing to gain better insight into the application of Abaqus software to FEA requirements

As this is an “advanced” course, it is expected that the student will enter into the course with knowledge of basic FEA principles, such as:
- Basic terminology (node, element, degrees of freedom, etc.)
- Basic mathematical principles (element equations f = kd; global equations (F+R) = KD; etc.)
- Concepts of shape functions and interpolation functions
- A basic familiarity with Abaqus. This last is not absolutely critical, as the Abaqus documentation includes several good tutorials which should help the student to get up to speed, and the first modules of this course are written to provide a “brush-up” on the use of Abaqus. However, it would be beneficial to the student, if he or she enters the course with some familiarity with Abaqus.

To take this course you should have a personal computer, Web browser, Internet connection, and software to display PDF files (such as Adobe Reader).

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