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B31 Piping Fabrication and Examination

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This course familiarizes participants with the rules of the B31 Code sections (B31.1, B31.3, B31.5, and B31.9), which cover the various Fabrication & Examination rules. The course also stresses the importance of the relationship of the Fabrication & Examination rules to the design of the piping system. The presentation includes case studies of problems that occur as a result of not understanding these rules. Participants leave with an insight into the reasons for the creation of the B31.3 Fabrication and Examination rules as well as their applications.

You Will Learn To:
Describe materials selection and limitations
- Explain fabrication rules and their bases
- Explain the differences between the B31 Code Sections
- Identify welding qualification requirements
- Describe inspection, examination, and testing requirements

Who Should Attend
Piping engineers and designers, fabricators and erectors, QA/QC personnel, engineers and maintenance personnel

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