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Elevator and Escalator Combo Course

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Created to save participants time and money, this course is a back-to-back offering of “Introduction to the Maintenance & Inspection of Elevators and Escalators” (PD100) and “ASME A17.1 Safety Code and A17.2 Inspection,” (PD102). By taking this course, you could save up to $1,040.

PD100 covers the essential design and operation of elevators and escalator systems and will address the terminology and functions of the various associated mechanical and electrical components. PD102 is based on on ASME A17.1 /CSA B44 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators and ASME A17.2 Guide for Inspection of Elevators, Escalators & Moving Walk. It provides a top-to-bottom look at inspection techniques and concepts including how to conduct elevator inspections and tests safely, both for scheduled updates and unexpected problems. Please review the individual course descriptions for more detailed information.

You Will Learn To

  • Identify electric elevators, hydraulic elevators for freight and passenger applications and escalators
  • Explain hoistway components and their functions, various modes of operations and controls, both automatic and manual functions
  • Explain how to use the escalator components and controls
  • Describe emergency evacuation and firefighter services
  • Record and report results of inspections and tests
  • Explain how to determine correct vertical clearances
  • Identify acceptable refuge space on the car top and in the pit
  • Describe the safety slide and buffer deceleration guidelines
  • Identify the procedures to examine hydraulic and electrical equipment
  • Explain top and bottom car, counterweight clearances, runby
  • Identify working pressure for hydraulic elevators
  • Explain governor pull through and release carrier pull out forces


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Who Should Attend

People with little or no elevator and escalator experience responsible for facilities design, construction management, facilities management, and inspections and maintenance administration; federal, state, city and private inspectors; technicians, constructors, mechanics, consultants, and service contractors; engineers and architects

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