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Essentials – BPV Code, Section V: Nondestructive Examination

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This self-study course is designed to be taken at your convenience and on your own schedule. You have 90 days to finish the course from the time of purchase.

The course provides an introduction to the ASME Boiler & Pressure Code, Section V – Nondestructive Examination (NDE). Participants will learn about the various applications of NDE as well as the various techniques. NDE uses techniques such as radiographic examination, ultrasonic examination, magnetic particle examination, liquid penetrant examination to determine if materials or components are acceptable for use or if they are defective. NDE is an indispensable means of assuring sound construction.

NDE tests are conducted to detect and size defects, discontinuities, and flaws in materials and weldments during manufacture, fabrication, and construction of parts, components, and vessels in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and other ASME Standards; for example, B31.1 for power piping.

You will learn:
- Introduction and Scope of Section V
- Types of Nondestructive Examination
- Radiographic Examination
- Ultrasonic Examination
- Liquid Penetrant Examination
- Magnetic Particle Examination and Eddy Current Examination of Tubular Products
- Visual Examination and Leak Testing
- Acoustic Emission (AE) Examination & Examination System Qualification

Who Should Attend
This course will introduce the essentials of Section V to individuals involved with the fabrication of boilers and pressure vessels including equipment for nuclear power plants. Engineers involved with boilers and pressure vessels, QA/QC staff and fabrication shop personnel needing a basic knowledge of the requirements for nondestructive examination in Section V will benefit from this course.

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