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Application of the A17.7 / B44.7 Performance Based Code (MC101)

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In recent years there has been an increasing demand for safe, reliable, innovative elevator products. The ASME A17.7/B44.7 Performance Based Code was developed to provide a structured process for ensuring safety while enabling innovation.

This is a MasterClass that provides a broad understanding of the application of the A17.7/B44.7 Performance Based Code. Practical examples including a Risk Assessment exercise requiring active group participation will be used to demonstrate the application of the A17.7/B44.7 Code and the roles and responsibilities of the Manufacturer, AECO, and the Enforcing Authority.

On completion of this ASME MasterClass, you will be able to:
- Apply the requirements of the A17.7/B44.7 Code
- Describe the relationship of the A17.7/B44.7 Code to the A17.1/B44 Code
- Explain Global Essential Safety Requirements and Safety Parameters
- Participate fully and efficiently in Risk Assessment Studies, and describe the process of hazard mitigation and risk reduction
- Describe how Code Compliance Documents are to be prepared, including the information that needs to be provided
- Describe the roles and responsibilities of Accredited Elevator/Escalator Certification Organizations (AECOs) and enforcing agencies
- Explain the inspection and test procedural information that is required to be available at the elevator site

Each participant will receive a copy of the A17.7/B44.7 Performance-Based Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators Codebook.

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Who Should Attend
This MasterClass is designed for engineering development professionals as well as code experts involved in the development of innovative products based on new technology intended for deployment in North America. This MasterClass is of particular interest to any company planning to introduce innovative products not specifically covered by the A17.1/B44 Code to the North American market, as well as consultants, AECOs, and Enforcement Authorities engaged in the assessment of elevator equipment based on innovative technology.

This MasterClass is structured on the assumption that participants have a working knowledge of A17.1/B44 Code.

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