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Identifying and Preventing the Use of Counterfeit, Fraudulent, and Suspect Items (CFSI)

Identifying and Preventing the Use of Counterfeit, Fraudulent, and Suspect Items (CFSI) -- View Larger Image
Identifying and Preventing the Use of Counterfeit, Fraudulent, and Suspect Items (CFSI)-Image

What are Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items (CFSI)? They are typically the following:
- An unauthorized copy
- Does not conform to original equipment/component manufacturer (OEM/ OCM) design, model and/or performance standards
- Not produced by the OEM / OCM - unauthorized contractors
- An off-specification, defective or used OEM/OCM product sold as "new" or working
- CFSI are generally “assumed” to be imported – but often are “Made in the USA”
- Has incorrect or false markings and/ or documentation

In short, CFSI do not meet the rigorous Nuclear Industry technical and quality requirements, and cause a significant reduction in the public perception of the Nuclear Industry integrity, as well as a significant increase in Nuclear Power Plant operational costs to contain and correct substandard items.

This one-day MasterClass focuses on identifying and preventing the use of Counterfeit, Fraudulent, and Suspect Items (CFSI) to ensure that industry and regulatory expectations are met. This class highlights case studies and best practices, with an emphasis on review of procurement documentation, vendor selection and history, including incorporation of robust receiving criteria. 10 CFR Part 50, NRC Generic Letter 89-02, and ASME NQA-1-2008 (with 2009 Addenda) Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications are used as the framework for this discussion.

You Will Learn To
- Explain the impact of Counterfeit, Fraudulent, and Suspect Items (CFSI) in the Nuclear Industry
- Describe the development of tools to assist Engineering, Procurement, and Quality in the identification and containment of CSFI, including documentation, inspection, and testing
- Identify common errors that occur during the procurement and receipt processes and provide alternative solutions to minimize these errors
- Identify the expectations of industry auditing teams

Course Requirements
Attendees will be sent material via email, which they must review prior to the course. Attendees will be asked about actual scenarios that they have encountered, which they would like to be discussed during the class.

Who Should Attend
This MasterClass is designed for experienced nuclear industry professionals involved in planning, procurement, engineering, contract review, quality control inspection, and quality assurance.

This MasterClass is structured on the assumption that participants have a basic understanding of material and services control including, procurement, Receipt inspection and material identification.

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