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Essentials - ASME Y14.1/Y14.2/Y14.3

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This self-study course is designed to be taken at your convenience and on your own schedule. You have 90 days to finish the course from the time of purchase.

This course introduces ASME’s Y14 Standards, which provide guidelines for engineering drawing sheet layout. The Standards covered in this course (Y14.1, Y14.1M, Y14.2, Y14.3, and Y14.35) form the foundation for most of the remaining Y14 Standards.

You will learn to:
- Describe the Y14.1 and Y14.1M Standards, which define sheet sizes and formats
- Describe the Y14.2 Standard, which shows the line types used to construct part views and the lettering font used to annotate the views
- Describe the Y14.3 Standard, which describes uniform projection methods for part views
- Describe the Y14.35 Standard, which designates practices used to revise drawings

Module 1 - ASME Y14.1-2005 ASME and Y14.1M-2005
Module 2 - ASME Y14.2-2014
Module 3 - ASME Y14.3-2012 (Sections 1-7)
Module 4 - ASME Y14.3-2012 (Sections 8-10)
Module 5 - ASME Y14.3-2012 (Section 11 and Appendices)
Module 6 - ASME Y14.35-2014

This course is designed for engineering, designing, drafting, quality control, procurement, tooling, production, purchasing, manufacturing, CAD inspection, and shop personnel; or anyone who wants to learn more about ASME’s guidelines for engineering drawing sheet layout or the Y14 Standards.


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