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Mechanical torque calibration analyser for the testing of production torque screwdrivers and small torque wrenches.
3 models covering a range from 7 cN.m to 12 N.m. Robust design with angled dial for ease of use. Supplied with Manufacturers Calibration Certificate. Repeatable accuracy of ±2%. Slave pointer to track torque and limit pointers to mark preset limits. Spindle lock elimunates the need to remove the tool during torque adjustment
Digital = No
Drive Size = Hex 1/4, Square: 1/4 in
Measuring Range = 0.8 - 4Nm
Scale Graduations = 0.05Nm
Accuracy = ±2 %


Product Category
Force and Torque Instruments
Rated Torque
7.08 to 35.4 In-lbs (8.16 to 40.82 kg-cm)
Torque Accuracy
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