Henkel Corporation - Industrial Datasheets for Radiation Curable Coatings

Radiation curable coatings are cured through exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light or electron beam (EB) irradiation. They provide rapid processing compared to film drying and thermosetting coatings.
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Product Name Notes
LOCTITE EDAG 452SS E&C (Known as Acheson ELECTRODAG 452SS ) LOCTITE EDAG 452SS E&C is a screen printable, UV curable dielectric ink for plastic film and paper substrates. Excellent flexibility.
LOCTITE EDAG PF 455B E&C (Known as Acheson ELECTRODAG PF-455B ) Screen printable, UV curable dielectric ink for plastic film. Excellent humidity resistance.
LOCTITE EDAG PF 465 E&C (Known as ACHESON ELECTRODAG PF-465 Dielectric Ink ) LOCTITE EDAG PF 465 E&C is designed as an insulating and protective ink in the production of low voltage circuitry on untreated...
Loctite 3720 3720 is a single component, UV curable coating resin. This product is specially formulated for moisture protection on terminals of TAB mounts or COG of LCD module. Its high flexibility...
Loctite 5092 Nuva-Sil A low viscosity, self-leveling, UV curing silicone that provides low outgassing cure characteristics.
LOCTITE 3318M LOCTITE 3318M UV coating is suitable for a wide variety of coating applications that require strict humidity reliability performance, such as ITO/COG overcoat in LCD module assembly.