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micro-SD/micro-SIM Pull-Lever type combo memory card connector with a space saving stacking-type design incorporating two card formats in a single unit. With a compact size, small footprint and low profile height of 2.10 mm this micro-SD/micro-SIM memory card combo connector provides valuable space saving on the PCB. The micro-SD card can be both inserted and withdrawn freely without the need to turn off power or remove the battery. This feature avoids the inconvenience of calls and messages being missed on mobile devices. The connector has card polarization features to prevent incorrect insertion and a pull-lever type mechanism for easy card ejection. Anti-stubbing contacts ensure smooth card insertion and withdrawal and prevent contact damage. In the event of the micro-SD card being misinserted into the micro-SIM slot the anti-card stocking design of this micro-SD/micro-SIM connector prevents the card from becoming jammed. A card-detect switch detects the presence of the card. PCB hold-down points on this micro-SD/micro-SIM memory card connector ensure a secure retention to the PCB.
Card Type = Micro SIM, MicroSD
Gender = Female
Number of Contacts = 8
Number of Rows = 1
Pitch = 1.1 (microSD) mm, 2.54 (micro-SIM) mm
Body Orientation = Straight
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Contact Material = Copper Alloy
Contact Plating = Gold over Palladium Nickel
Termination Method = Solder
Delivery on production packaging - Reel. This product is non-returnable.


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Product Category
Board Mount Connectors
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Box Header
Female / Jack
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Number of Contacts
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