Board Mount Connectors from Amphenol PCD

Board Level Interconnects -- HiLinX1.905 Series

Board Level Interconnects -- HiLinX<sup>1.905</sup> Series -- View Larger Image
Board Level Interconnects -- HiLinX<sup>1.905</sup> Series-Image

Amphenol has engineered a complete range of high & medium density, staggered grid, modular connectors with both 1.905x1.905[.075x.075] & 2.54x2.54 [.100x.100] pitches.

The HiLinX range provides a unique choice of solutions by allowing a mix of various contact types: signal, power, fiber optics and coaxial lines.

With our HiLinX, build your own connector the way you want it! The HiLinX is a system of modules, metal rails and fittings. Thanks to this modularity, a wide range of contact combinations can be made at the board level. Whatever types of signals required, from power to fiber optics, almost all existing contacts on the market can be adapted to our connector.
Let’s maximize the PC board capabilitties!

  • A unique connector, both hybrid and modular
  • Cost effective, easy to install, highly reliable
  • More current through each contact
  • Greater performance and optimal protection in harsh environments
  • Compatible with signal connectors on the market (MIL-DTL-55302/190 to /193)
  • 1.905[.075] staggered grid (0.9525[.0375] offset), 1.905[.075] between rows

Product Category
Board Mount Connectors
Military Connector; Modular Connector and RJ Connector
Male / Plug; Female / Jack
PCB, Solder Cup, Through Hole
PC Mount

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