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Johnson Electric STA series linear tubular solenoids provide high force for short stroke applications and is ideal for applications that require long life and high reliability. The STA series are constructed with a low friction system bobbin which ensures life of 25 million actuations.
High resistance to shock and vibration. Continuously rated coils. Long life (up to 25 million operations)
Power Consumption = 16 W @ 25 %, 4 W @ 100 %, 40 W @ 10 %, 8 W @ 50 %
Maximum Pull Force = 4.45N
Holding Force = 4N
Plunger Diameter = 4.7mm
Product Height = 26.67mm
Product Width = 13.21mm
Series = STA
Dimensions = 13.21 (Dia.) x 26.67 mm


Johnson Electric Group
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Linear Solenoids
Power Rating
4 DC watts or AC VA
Starting Force
4.45 N (16.01 oz)
Holding Force
4 N (14.39 oz)
Power Rating
Starting Force
Holding Force
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