Linear Solenoids from RS Components, Ltd.


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Robustly constructed. A range of continuously rated a.c. and d.c. coils available, with an alternative intermittent (25%) higher force option for the d.c. solenoids. The a.c. version is fitted with a shading ring for quiet operation and the plunger must be allowed to travel fully into the coil
Maximum Stroke = 21mm
Action = Pull
Duty Cycle = 100%
Magnetic Force = 750g
Closed Power Continuous = 12W
Supply Voltage = 6 V dc
Length = 47.5mm
Width = 41.5mm
Depth = 49.4mm
Weight = 425g


Product Category
Linear Solenoids
Maximum Stroke
21 mm (0.8268 inch)
Rated for DC Operation; 6VDC
Continuous Duty
Rated for Continuous Duty
Power Rating
12 DC watts or AC VA
Holding Force
7.36 N (26.46 oz)
Width or Diameter
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