Imao Corporation Datasheets for Spring Locating Pins

Spring locating pins are compact, spring-loaded components used to apply a light side force to a workpiece for positioning or clamping.  They are cylindrical in shape and press fit into a hole for use in fixturing or locating applications.
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Product Name Notes
Bullet-nose Diamond Locating Pin -- BJ726
Bullet-nose Round Locating Pin -- BJ725
Diamond Locating Pin -- BJ722
Diamond Locating Pin -- BJ723
Round Locating Pin -- BJ720
Round Locating Pin -- BJ721
Body SK95 steel Quenched and tempered (Rc 55 - 60) Precision ground
Spring-loaded Work Locators -- CP710 Body Steel (S45C) Quenched and tempered Black oxide finish Locating Pin Steel (SK95) Quenched and tempered
Edge Locating Pin -- BJ401 Body Steel (SK95) Quenched and tempered (HRC 55 - 60) Black oxide finish Precision ground
Spring Locating Pin -- BJ765, BJ766 Features Ideal for temporary clamping of low-profile workpieces. The seal provided for BJ765****2 and BJ766****2 keeps dust out of the body.
Diamond Locating Pin -- BJ793 Features The round head of these pins facilitates setting a workpiece. Use NKL Pin Extractors to pull out these pins.
Diamond Locating Pin -- BJ792
Round Locating Pin -- BJ790
Round Locating Pin -- BJ791
Material: SK95 steel Heat Treat: Quenched and tempered Precision ground