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Sartobran® P 0.2 µm Liquid Filter Cartridges -- 523**07H3----P


Sartobran® P sterilizing grade filter cartridges have proven throughout the years to be the first choice in the bio-pharmaceutical industry for all applications requiring low adsorption capabilities. The unique ultra low unspecific binding capacity of the cellulose acetate membranes assures highest protein yield and rapid preservative recovery.

Sartobran® P filters are ideally suited for processing high value biological solutions like dilute protein solutions and pharmaceuticals sensitive to adsorption like dilute preservative solutions.


Sartobran® P filters are ideally suited for all
applications that require highest product
recovery rates like:

  • Coagulation factors, albumine, IgG
  • Bacterial and viral vaccines
  • MAB’s
  • Bio-processed pharmaceuticals
  • Diagnostics
  • Purified protein solutions
  • Biological fluids
  • Solutions containing preservatives

Highest Product Yield

The Sartobran® P’s cellulose acetate membrane provides the lowest unspecific adsorption of any membrane material available, ensuring the highest product recovery rates.


Due to the “built-in prefiltration” by a 0.45 μm membrane, Sartobran® P 0.2 μm filters provide excellent total throughputs and higher flow rates at low differential pressure for gentle product treatment.


Sartobran® P 0.2 μm filters are available in traditional cartridge formats and disposable capsules from 150 cm2 to 1.8 m2 for simple linear scale up and process flexibility.

Microbiological Retention

Sartobran® P 0.2 μm rated filter cartridges are fully validated as sterilizing grade filter elements according to HIMA and ASTM F-838-05 guidelines.

Quality Control

Each individual element is integrity tested by diffusion and bubble point test prior to release, assuring absolute reliability.


Sartobran® P cartridges are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System. A Validation Guide and Extractables Guide are available for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Product Category
Water Filters
Performance Specifications
Maximum Pressure
29 to 72 psi (20.41 to 51.02 m H2O)
Filtration Grade
0.20 µm (0.0079 mils)

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