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Sartoguard PES MaxiCaps®Liquid Filter Cartridge -- 5471358G3--**


Sartoguard PES filter cartridges are especially designed for effective bioburden control and reliable removal of particles from a broad range of fluid streams. They provide the finest, most efficient and reliable performance for critical prefiltration applications. They can be used for protection of Mycoplasma retentive or sterilizing grade filters. They allow for downsizing of filtration systems and cost saving in applications where the use of validated sterilizing grade filters is not required, but reliable bioburden and turbidity reduction is.


Typical applications of Sartoguard PES filter cartridges include prefiltration of:

  • Buffers
  • Downstream Intermediates (before and after UF|DF and chromatography steps)
  • Clarified cell culture harvest
  • Cell Culture Media
  • Aseptically filled Small Volume Parenterals (SVP)


Sartoguard PES filter cartridges feature a unique heterogeneous double layer membrane constuction in combination with an increased filtration area of 0.8 m²/10' cartridge. By providing outstanding total throughput and flow rate performance, they ensure highest process efficiency, minimized overall filtration costs and short filtration cycle times.

Reliable Retention

Sartoguard PES filters are available with 0.1 µm and 0.2 µm nominal retention rating. The 0.1 µm rated filters typically provide a LRV of 6 per cm² filtration area for Brevundimonas Diminuta, while the 0.2 µm rated filters typically provide a LRV of 6 per cm² filtration area for Serratia Marcescens.


Sartoguard PES filter elements are designed for broad chemical compatibility from pH 1 to pH 14 and low extractable levels. They are compatible with multiple in line steam sterilization cycles up to 134°C.


Sartoguard PES filter elements are available in a broad range of sizes and formats to provide linear scale-up from R&D to process scale.


Sartoguard PES cartridges are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System. A Validation guide is available for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Product Category
Water Filters
Housing Included
Performance Specifications
Maximum Pressure
29 to 72 psi (20.41 to 51.02 m H2O)
Filtration Grade
0.10 µm (0.0039 mils)

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