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Sartoclean® GF MaxiCaps® Liquid Filters -- 5601304E3--**


Sartoclean GF MidiCaps® & MaxiCaps®

Colloid & Bioburden Reduction Filter Capsules

Sartoclean GF MidiCaps® & MaxiCaps® are self-contained, ready to use filter units for a broad range of pre-filtration applications in the biopharmaceutical industry. Sartoclean GF MidiCaps® & MaxiCaps® combine absolute retention performance by membrane filtration with high adsorptive power by glass fiber fleeces. Therefore the filters are ideally suited for removal of colloids, lipids, defined particle retention and bioburden reduction.


Sartoclean GF MidiCaps® & MaxiCaps® are widely used for pre-filtration in biotech manufacturing processes to protect subsequent downstream processing equipment. Sartoclean GF MidiCaps® & MaxiCaps® are ideally suited for the bioburden reduction as well as effective colloid and lipid removal from:

  • Fermentation Broth
  • Serum
  • Plasma
  • Cell Culture Media
  • Colloid and Lipid containing solutions


Due to the combination of high adsorptive glass fiber fleeces with membrane filters Sartoclean GF MidiCaps® & MaxiCaps® assure optimal total throughput performance. Therefore the MidiCaps® & MaxiCaps® allow a more economical filtration system design.

Process Safety

The removal of colloidal contaminations and lipids by adsorption allows an effective downstream processing and bioburden reduction by membrane filtration prevents the formation of pyrogenes during the process — resulting in an increased process safety, especially for biotech derived fluids.


Sartoclean GF MidiCaps® & MaxiCaps® are available with various filtration areas from 500 cm² |0.54 ft² up to 1.8 m² |19.4 ft² for easy adoption to any filtration process independent from the batch size.


Consistent and predictable scale-up and down trials can reliably be performed as all Sartoclean GF MidiCaps® & MaxiCaps® are produced with the same type of membrane and identical materials of construction.

Cost Saving

The use of the disposable capsule design concept avoids investments into stainless steel filter housings and eliminates additional costs for cleaning of housings and cleaning validation.


Sartoclean GF MidiCaps® & MaxiCaps® are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with a ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System. A Validation Guide is available for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Product Category
Water Filters
Housing Included
Performance Specifications
Maximum Pressure
29 to 72 psi (20.41 to 51.02 m H2O)
Filtration Grade
0.80 µm (0.0315 mils)

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