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Type I Reagent Grade DI Lab Water Systems -- RODI-2000-03BU


High Flow Type I Biological Grade RO+DI System With UV Sterilizer

This combination Reverse Osmosis System and 8-12 Liters/minute DI System is for operation on virtually any quality tap water. The system is mounted on a welded aluminum frame and includes a built-in three stage pre-filter assembly.

The RO portion of the system will economically remove >97% of the contaminants from the incoming water, and will produce RO pretreated water at the rate of ~ 2-GPM. The RO water is stored in a 200-Liter pressurized storage tank for use by the DI portion of the system. The pressurized tank eliminates the risk of airborne contamination and the need for a feed pump. The DI portion of the system produces up to 18.2-Megohm-cm water that is free of Pyrogen, Endotoxin, RNase, and DNase at a flow rate of 8-12 Liters/minute. DI water production is limited by the storage capacity and RO production.

This system features continuous recirculation to maintain maximum water purity and a digital conductivity/resistivity meter to monitor the DI water quality. The meter has a green LED to indicate that the water quality is acceptable and a red LED that alerts the user when the water quality drops below the desired level. A built-in UV Sterilizer prevents the growth of microorganisms within the system and alerts the user when it is time to change the lamp.

All AQUA SOLUTIONS' Analytical Grade Type I DI Systems produce purified water that meets or exceeds ASTM, CAP and CLSI specifications for Type I reagent grade water. Since ordinary tap water contains 5-25 times the impurities of pretreated water, these tap water systems have lower overall capacity than the pretreated water systems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made in the USA.
  • Ultrafilter - Removes Pyrogen, Endotoxin, RNase & DNase.
  • Dual wavelength - Reduces TOC levels to
  • 6,000 - 12,000 Grains as CaCO3 to a 0.02-Megohm end point.
  • Continuos recirculation is utilized to ensure water quality and prevent the growth of microorganisms within the system.
  • Dispensing value included.
  • 0.22-micron (absolute) capsule - Part# - DC2022
  • One (1) year warranty.

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