Automation Displays, Inc. Datasheets for Digital Timers

Digital timers keep track of timing, either to trigger an action or to start timing once triggered by an action, or both.
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Product Name Notes
12 / 24 Hour Clock -- E402 12 or 24 hour clock. Battery keeps time during power failures. Bright 0.56" high digits. Inputs for two pushbuttons plus two uncommitted I/O pins available. The clock can be used...
Three-Digit Counter / Timer -- F524 ADI's three-digit counter/timer is a versatile unit that has been used in a variety of industrial and detention applications. Operating voltage is five volts DC. Bright red flicker-free digits are...
Counter / Timer -- G791 Counter/Timer displays minutes and seconds. Two inputs (for example: START and RESET functions), plus two uncommitted I/O points. Optional bezel.
Two-Digit Counter / Timer -- CD24 This 2-digit timer counts down in seconds from a preset count as high as 99 seconds. The preset value is determined by DIP switches on the back of the assembly.
Two Digit Countdown Timer Assembly -- J212-assembly Two digit countdown timer assembly with 24 volt DC-DC converter. It includes relay coil inputs for START and RESET, and a relay output contact that closes to signal COUNTDOWN EXPIRED.
Counter / Timer -- H733A Two-digit counter/timer. 24 VDC operation. Optional bezel.