Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Board Mount Transformers

Board mount transformers are transformers designed to be embedded in or mounted on computer boards.
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Product Name Notes
Transformer, Step-Down;1000VA;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;4.68In.H;3.8In.W;7.06In.Dia. -- 70181307
Transformer, Step-Down;100VA;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;3.81In.H;3.16In.W;4.25In.Dia.;3 -- 70181304
Transformer, Step-Down;1500VA;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;5.39In.H;4.4In.W;6.63In.Dia.;2 -- 70181308
Transformer, Step-Down;300VA;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;3.81In.H;3.16In.W;5In.Dia.;6lbs -- 70181305
Features: 50 or 60 Hz Operation Input Is Circuit Breaker Protected Hi-Pot Tested to 2 kVRMS Output Connected to Standard North American 115 V, 3-Wire Grounded Receptacle (NEMA 5-15p)...
STEP-DOWN AUTOFORMER, 50/60HZ, 230V, SEC: 115V, 3-WIRE, 6 CORD & OUTLET, 100VA -- 70009028
STEP-DOWN AUTOFORMER, 50/60HZ, PRI:230V, SEC:115V, 3-WIRE,,6'CORD& OUTLET, 500VA -- 70009035
STEP-DOWN AUTOFORMER,50/60HZ,PRI:230V,SEC:115V,3-WIRE,6'CORD & OUTLET, 1000VA -- 70009032
STEP-DOWN AUTOFORMER,50/60HZ,PRI:230V,SEC:115V,3-WIRE,6'CORD & OUTLET, 1500VA -- 70009033
STEP-DOWN AUTOFORMER,50/60HZ,PRI:230V,SEC:115V,3-WIRE,6'CORD & OUTLET, 2000VA -- 70009034
STEP-DOWN AUTOFORMER,50/60HZ,PRI:230V,SEC:115V,3-WIRE,6'CORD & OUTLET, 750VA -- 70009031
TRANSFORMER,STEP-DOWN AUTO, PRI:230V, 50/60HZ, SEC: 115V, 20VA, LEADS -- 70009007
TRANSFORMER,STEP-DOWN AUTO, PRI:230V, 50/60HZ, SEC: 115V, 50VA, LEADS -- 70009008
Features: 50/60 Hertz Operating Frequency Black Enamel Finish Meets NAFTA Requirements 3-Wire 6 Feet Cord and Plug with 3-Wire Female Outlet on Case Except 6K68HF and 6K69 which Have Leads...
Transformer, Step-Down;1000VA;230VAC, 50/60Hz Vi;115VAC Vo;5.38In.H;9.75In.W -- 70180837
Transformer, Step-Down;1500VA;230VAC, 50/60Hz Vi;115VAC Vo;6.75In.H;9In.W -- 70180838
Transformer, Step-Down;500VA;230VAC, 50/60Hz Vi;115VAC Vo;4.75In.H;8.25In.W -- 70180835
Features: 50/60 Hz Operation Uses a Toroidal Transformer for High Isolation, Low Noise, Light Weight, Cool Operation and Low Profile Input (Primary) Connected to a 5 Foot Long Cord and...
Transformer, Step-Down;1000VA Io;230VACVi;115VAC Vo;8.70A Io;4.63In.H;3.81In.W -- 70213213
Transformer, Step-Down;125VA Io;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;1.10A Io;3.13In.H;2.5In.W;3l -- 70213281
Transformer, Step-Down;150VA Io;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;1.30A Io;3.88In.H;3.13In.W -- 70213210
Transformer, Step-Down;350VA Io;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;3A Io;3.88In.H;3.13In.W;7.3l -- 70213257
Transformer, Step-Down;400VA Io;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;3.50A Io;3.88In.H;3.13In.W -- 70213282
Transformer, Step-Down;500VA Io;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;4.30A Io;3.88In.H;3.13In.W -- 70213211
Transformer, Step-Down;50VA Io;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;0.43A Io;2.31In.H;3.69In.W -- 70213279
Transformer, Step-Down;750VA Io;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;6.50A Io;4.63In.H;3.81In.W -- 70213212
Transformer, Step-Down;75VA Io;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;0.65A Io;3.13In.H;2.50In.W;3l -- 70213209
Transformer, Step-Down;85VA Io;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;0.74A Io;3.13In.H;2.5In.W;2.5 -- 70213280
Auto transformers have one winding that is tapped to achieve specific output voltage. They provide no electrical isolation in a circuit. Auto transformers are typically smaller than their isolation equivalent.
Transformer, Step-Down Auto;2000VA;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;17.4A Io;5-3/8In.H;4-1/2I -- 70218186
Transformer, Step-Down;100VA;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;0.87A Io;2-5/8In.H;4In.W;2.1lbs -- 70218530
Transformer, Step-Down;200VA;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;1.7A Io;3-3/8In.H;2-13/16In.W -- 70218531
Transformer, Step-Down;50VA;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;0.435A Io;2-9/32In.H;3-11/16In.W -- 70218529
Transformer, Step-Down;600VA;230VAC Vi;115VAC Vo;5.22A Io;4-5/8In.H;3-15/16In.W -- 70218535
TRIAD autotransformers are single winding transformers in which the primary coil is a fraction of the entire winding for voltage step-up or the secondary coil is a fraction of the...
Transformer,Step-Down Auto,pri:230V,50/60HZ,sec:115V,2500VA,N American plug -- 70137414 Circuit Breaker UL Class 130