Century Control Systems, Inc. Datasheets for pH Instruments

pH instruments are used to measure or monitor potential of hydrogen (pH) in a solution.
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Product Name Notes
Barben Portamess 913 Portable pH Analyzer Fit for digital communication. Trailblazing. Remote controllable
Emerson Rosemount SoluComp II Dual Input pH Analyzers Input: Choice of single or dual sensor input with measurement choices of pH/ORP, conductivity/ resistivity, toroidal conductivity, flow, chlorine, dis-solved oxygen, and dissolved ozone. Field-commissioned units allow user to change...
Barben Portamess 911 Portable pH Analyzer The basic unit for mobile pH measurement. Uncomplicated. Completely safe.
Barben MultipHlex pH Control System The MultipHlex pH Control System integrates pH measurement with the control functions for auto-clean, auto-calibrate equipment. This allows a complete automation of the pH measurement and maintenance process, reducing labor...
Barben Protos 3400 C The Modular Measuring System The perfectly thought-out ProtosĀ® 3400 C measuring system is based on a modular hard and software concept for process analytics. It offers accurate solutions for a wide range of applications.
Barben pH/ORP Sensor to PLC Interface Module Utilize a PLC as an ULTRA-FLEXIBLE pH/ORP Transmitter.