Density and Specific Gravity Instruments from Anton Paar

Density Sensor -- L-Dens 2300

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The new L-Dens 2300 density sensors are flexible OEM modules which are integrated into instruments and systems. The L-Dens 2300 density sensors monitor and control the density or concentration of liquids. Mass flow can be determined by adding a volumetric flow meter. These OEM modules with wetted parts made of stainless steel and a one-piece oscillating U-shaped tube for hygienic design are successfully applied in the production control of industrial inkjet printers, soldering machines or fuel measuring systems.

The L-Dens 2300 version with W-shaped glass tubes can be used for measuring aggressive chemicals such as sulfuric acid and many more.


Product Category
Density and Specific Gravity Instruments
Instrument Type
Density Instruments
Media Type
Technology Type
Oscillating Tube
Pressure Range
0.0 to 232 psi (0.0 to 163 m H2O)
Temperature Range
Density Range
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